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Young Ceo Program

The Future Is Here

Helping Youth Grow As Business Persons

The Young CEO Program is an African-American-owned organization; our main office is located in Spring Grove Village and our job site is centered in Avondale. The Young CEO program promotes the prevention of gun violence through our supplemental education and entrepreneurship work training program available to students ages 10-21. The Young CEO Program teaches students to value their life and the lives of others. We teach young people to dream big, show them how to obtain their dreams, and make a positive impression on their city; we believe our strategies and program give students the knowledge, skills, tools, confidence, and opportunities to make better decisions that result in a reduction of bloodshed and death in our communities.

The Young CEO program is aware of the disparities and inequity that contribute to the generational cycle of families having poor access to quality education, youth development programs, job, and other trade and/or higher education opportunities. This lack of opportunity results in poor economic outcomes that create a generational cycle of poverty which is correlated to higher exposure to gun violence. Your investment allows The Young CEO program to expand its program by targeting the top ten neighborhoods with the highest gun violence in Cincinnati. Neighborhoods include West End, OTR, Avondale, Winton Hills, and Westwood.

We offer our “Earn & Learn” hands-on learning model to those communities by using our mobile licensed food cart to teach the youth in the neighborhood how to become entrepreneurs and/or to get work experience. In addition to our business program, we also engage youth in education courses that promote strong interpersonal and conflict resolution skills, mental health promotion, and gun violence prevention programming. These skills aid them in the workforce and extend into their daily lives. The Young CEO program teaches youth how to think through a situation, focus on problems, identify constructive solutions, and communicate their thoughts.  Our program provides them with techniques and options to solve problems without the use of guns. The Young CEO program prioritizes the lives of our youth and ensures that they have the education and skill set to deal with difficult life situations.