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Help and Guidance

Being a young CEO can have its advantages and challenges. On one hand, younger CEOs may bring fresh perspectives and ideas to the table and may be more attuned to the needs and desires of younger consumers. On the other hand, they may lack the experience and skills of more seasoned executives and may face skepticism and pushback from older employees or investors.

Franchise businesses

The franchise business program will teach students critical thinking, problem-solving, and relationship building. It focuses on the necessary skills to interact with corporate office and handle customer complaints. Students will also learn about franchise promotions, local promotions, franchise food orders, franchise health standards, health department standards, and more.


Entrepreneurship is vital to the development of this generation and future business opportunities. Students will learn time management, product cost, marketing and promotion, and other necessary skills required to be successful. As part of the Young CEO Program, students will learn to explore and evaluate different opportunities.

Within the program, students may have an opportunity to work and earn money. Our entrepreneurship program will guide them through the process of decision making and execution skillsets.

Our Entrepreneurship 101 lesson will introduce youth to the basic concepts of business planning and management. Youth will be able to practice their learned skills by working at our mobile food cart.
Healthy Communication and Problem Solving: We will introduce our lessons on effective communication and conflict resolution skills with emphasis on using these skills rather than resorting to violence.

Financial Responsibility

Money management is critical to the survival of our youth. The Young CEO Program will teach them the value of money. We believe that by building a business, the students will learn about money management and how it impacts keeping their business open. Topics that our program will cover include regulatory requirements and taxes, digital currency, potential impacts of gambling, and more.

Multi-media productions and promoting

Young CEO Program will offer multimedia production and promotion curricula for interested student entrepreneurs. Within the program, students will produce programming that is aimed at highlighting positive aspects of student life and young entrepreneurs. The programming will feature music, movie, and sports entertainers, professionals, and celebrities in a mosaic of news, gossip, and need-to-know information. Personalities, trends, and “how to” will be interwoven in a fashion that will entertain as well as instruct. High school and college events will also be covered, such as sporting activities, homecoming events, and concerts as areas of focus.

employment skills

Students will learn what a good employee is by becoming that employee. Our program will cover how to set and manage expectations. The program starts with the interview process (online or in-person). It also covers uniforms or clothing guidelines, point of sales training, customer service (online or in-person), filling purchase orders, telephone techniques, and much more.

have fun

Learning while having fun is an effective way to increase engagement and motivation, which can enhance learning outcomes. At Young CEO, the key is to find ways to make learning enjoyable, and not just a chore. By incorporating fun and interactive elements into the learning experience, learners are more likely to stay engaged, retain information better, and enjoy the learning process.