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Young CEO Program targets grade school to high school students interested in acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge to be successful upon entering the 21st-century workforce or beginning a business.

Young CEO Program will also focus on students who are at risk and eligible for mentoring to begin working and learning about the negative effects of gambling and money management.

The program is adaptable for grade, middle and high school students interested in learning about the workforce and developing those prerequisite skills needed in order to prepare them for employment.

Young CEO Program requires parental consent.  Students are only permitted to participate in the program upon their parent’s consent and as noted on the parental consent form.  Grade school and middle school students will be eligible for volunteer opportunities with Young CEO Program until permitted to work. All students will be responsible for their own transportation arrangements for in person events.

The only thing that has sustained me is community. The only thing that will sustain us is community. The opposite of oppression is community. …There are no messiahs in this work, that there are no superheroes. We are all people just trying to figure it out.

Justin Jones

State Rep, State of Tennessee

All of us bring light to exciting solutions never tried before
For it is our hope that implores us, at our uncompromising core, To keep rising up for an earth more than worth fighting for.

Amanda Gorman

Poet, Activist

Gun Violence is impacting and hurting every part of our community,” Pearson said on the capitol steps, after reading a list of the recent gun victims. “They tried to expel this movement of justice, but it cannot be stopped.

Justin Pearson

State Rep, State of Tennessee